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reminder to check out the other collab adopts I did w traumpaws on their page! they right here:……
literally collected every old adopt that didn't sell along w old ocs and WOOf iM DONE
they're all hEre!!!!
plEase get these around I want them SOLD lmao
hello, this isn't just for commissions, but trades and YCHs apply to this also! I'll also update this journal a lot to add things or to show what's closed and what's open (for YCHs if I say "open" it means to keep an eye out because I've been doing them more frequently!) also I usually post more on Instagram about these sort of things, so please follow me there if you want to keep in touch! (my @ is Cryily)

commissions: OPEN
trades: CLOSED
YCHs: OPEN (on Instagram)

Note, I don't take PayPal or any other type of money except points. I can only accept them for now!

Other things to consider:
- I cannot make pngs
- I am a very slow worker
- I do not work well under pressure
- I become very busy very easily
- Through all difficulties, I will inform you
- my wifi sometimes shuts off

Alrighty, now, this is what I can and can't do:
- I cannot draw humans well
- I cannot draw birds well
- I cannot draw body's well
- I can draw cats, dogs, etc
- I can draw lizards, ponies, etc
- DARK COLORS (exp: black, colors close to black)

Now, for the commissions!

Custom (I draw[sketch])- 250
Custom (w/ base)- 150
Redesign sketch- 200
Sketch- 150
Pfp- 150
Head shot- 250
Half body- 400
Chibi- 350
Full body- 500
Chibi- 300

-new addition!!-
Chibi(has colored background + two items to the side)- 450

- Back grounds won't cost you extra, but if you want a back ground just tell me!
- I am attempting to start sending wips to my customers!
- I can change the pen I use, I can use pixelated, smooth, or blocky (blocky is with no fine edges)
- if you're unhappy with your commission I may redo it, but sometimes I don't have the time
- sometimes if I like the oc I may draw extra art or detail ;)
- if you can't afford a commission, look out for YCHs! I make them cheaper!
- if you like a certain style I use in a drawing, tell me! helps me know what you want!

thank you!